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Jan 2014
I never thought leaving you would make me feel so alone.
I thought I would be fine without you (I'm not).
There are a million things I can/should be doing.
It all seems pointless without you.
I tried to keep busy, carry on with my life,
but that hurt too much.
So I'm trying not to do much of anything (it still hurts).
The sad part is
you would take me back.
At least,
I think you would.
But how can I tell you how wrong I was?
Would you understand my intentions?
After you see what a mess I've become,
could you still see me as you once did?
I don't think so.
So I'll be alone with my writing
and sad music,
and you'll move on
and be happy
and listen to rad music
and eventually,
you'll leave me (what's left of me).
can you tell i just got out of a relationship
i only wrote two poems about it
(plus the ones i'm not posting on here but whatever)
Written by
Jill Stinehart
   Alyssa Yu and ---
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