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Jan 2014
Her fingernails were painted with little yellow suns
That’s ridiculous I thought
Some stupid forty –five years old
Housewife with ambitions
Or even worse—divorced *****
With her too high self confident
Who thinks that men just adore her?
For who what she is
We were in dogfish head or big fish grill
I always get lost in names
She was sitting opposite me and C
And was sending him strange playful looks
You could notice that she was definitely fake
Her ***** were too big and face
Her face saw a surgical scalpel
How we say in Belarus
About women who love plastic surgery
I was jealous
I thought something was going on between her and C
How old are you she asked me
And everyone looked at me
26 I said
A baby she stated
I was surprised
I considered myself too old
Among my acquaintances
And how old is she I whispered to C’s ear
Over 50 I think—he said
--Doesn’t matter—he said
--She is fake. Her ***** are fake, her
Face is fake. Her soul is fake.
We went to play pool later
But this X disturbed me
They live in the same hotel I thought
They work at the same work
She is tall
She used to look like a model when she was young
My paranoid jealousy started
Invading me slowly
From my toes to my scalp.
I saw in his phone
He was texting her—Love you
Stupid phrase
Without the I word
You never know whether he loves or he is just polite
I still don’t know whether or not.
She probably wasn’t that fake.
He probably lied again.
Mara Kennet
Written by
Mara Kennet
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