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Jan 2014
As I gaze at the cityscape from atop this tall roof,
I can't help but feel ignited, a fulfilled desire.
"From up here the city lights burn,
like a thousand miles of fire."

And suddenly I forget why I came to the roof,
I am only concerned with absorbing the moment.
My soul drinks up the occasion with the thirst
of a lifetime craving, so then it went.

The bliss, the fire, the ecstasy, the moment...
It was only. One. Moment. before it slipped away.
For a high is not a high without a low,
and it is the low we experience day to day.
I have been wanting to toy around with the quoted line, because it really grabs me from a song.Β Β This is my rough draft at attempting that.Β Β I just ran with the story my mind came up with at the time.
Written by
     Lior Gavra, ---, Rose and Isabella Pullivan
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