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Sep 2010
Repetition, follows life
Repetition, what does it mean
Repetition, the exact same thing
Repetition? Here we go
Repetition! Over and over

The events of the past stand over us so tall
But the events of my past
All feel so small
Life is short
So you have to dream big
Yet why do I feel like I’ve not accomplished.

Even the verses go back and forth,
As if they show failure
To what they once were
Getting smaller and smaller
Time is running out, and all I find is repetition.

Discovery is what we thrive for, innovative ideas
Something to be remembered
Something new and fresh
Something big
Not small
To leave a legacy
That will thrive and grow
And make us feel like we’ve accomplished.

The best way
Is to break the mould that’s been set
Think outside the box
Change the lines
And leave not only ideas
But a new way of seeing things
Without sight, without rationality
Look at things with meaning

I stand tall, a revolutionary!! A recognizable figure
I stand out
I stand proud
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
Written by
John Wayne Gacy
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