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Jan 2014
"Sticks and stones can break my bones,
but words can never hurt me."
No, that is not true.
She's seen the hurt that words can do,
she's felt it, experienced how words can ****,
the damage they do against one's own will.
Language is a powerful thing,
with the capabilities of destroying, one's life.
She turns to dull the pain with a knife
as each cursed word turns into a line.
Red tears begin to fall,
but she can't stop.
Not until she's gone too far.
She can hide the scars, but just barely.
People say she's fine, though she knows she's not
because those words are forever caught, inside her,
and the pain will never be forgotten,
for it is trapped inside her veins,
and can only be let out with the knife,
as she slowly destroys her life.
Now do you see what words can do?
Meant to be read as a spoken word poem.
Written by
   Maytin Paige
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