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Jan 2014
Let's play a game,
She said to him.
I'll keep your heart,
In this tin.

Up on the shelf,
It will lie.
In my control,
You will die.

I'll share my love,
I'll be your fame.
I'll make you feel,
Like you're born again.

You'll find in me,
Your confidant,
Your talking tree,
Your agony aunt.

And when you fall,
For i'm sure you will,
In love with me,
All over again.

I'll take that tin,
The one with your heart.
And lock it in,
My cold, dark cupbord.

For you'll be mine,
And mine alone,
My simple pet,
My talking dog.

I'll make you dance,
I'll make you sway.
All alone,
In my dark cave.

And when i'm done,
With your heart.
Love will be,
All but a mirage.

And then the game,
Will find it's end.
And you will die,
Alone again
Written by
ishaan khandpur  India
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