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Little Lady May 2018
The fire fills the wood
It's orange embers glowing-
summer smells so good.
Writing a haiku daily
Little Lady Apr 2015
Somehere in between black and white
Somewhere in the lows-
In between the light.
I asked you, "where are you going?"
"To make my life." you say.
I think that life is happening I tell you.
But I know better,
I don't fight, I don't cry.
I let you go about your way.
A free spirit is never yours-
Was never intended to be.
Their eyes are as big as Earth.
Their curiosity so wild, and free.

Amid all of the confusion,
I find peace in growth.
I've let this butterfly free
I've Learned to let go
Little Lady Apr 2014
Deplete me down to nothing-
bewitched beneath the moon,
stars crystallize under suns.

& despite bare, aching
body, i'll run;

"This isn't all of us"
Little Lady Mar 2014
Hello baby
Come here
Let me rid you of your distress
Lately your jade eyes appear
Come, let my touch shoot comfort through your veins.

Lay your head next to mine
Do you see what I see?
The stars, they dance, they waltz, they twinkle.
The most beautiful of sights for you.

Smile baby
Lay your head on my heart
Let my embrace cover you whole,
It's protection radiating the warmest of love

Allow my love to chase away those demons troubling your mind.

Let my fingers play in your hair
Let my hands trace the pain,
Then crumble it in my fists.
Let me untangle you from this chain
That cuts through your wrists.
And free you of this sadness that your heart should not contain.
That in your perfect world should not exist.

Come baby, don't be afraid.

I am confident in my solution
In the joy that i can bring
Let me make sense of your confusion
Let me fix that broken wing.
Poem I wrote a while back and never finished. I think its finished...for now
Little Lady Mar 2014
I like words with meanings
Flowers with fragrances
Nights with stars
Gems with imperfections
And you with smiles :)

I like colors with life
Teas with sweetness
Spring with rain
Long hugs and late mornings with you :)

I like the rhythm in your laugh
And the deep blue of your eyes
The lean of your body
And the veins in your hands

Buy mostly I like the way that you look at me
Those eyes when they shine so bright and twinkle
In your arms is my place to be
You make life so peacefully simple
:) something I wrote a while back
Little Lady Mar 2014
I'm usually one to count my steps
To shy away & question
My skepticism keeps me safe I suppose
I rely on my intuition,
& my discretion

But then you come
You sweep me off of my feet
You look at me with these soft sweet eyes
And my heart skips beats
and it trips
and it summersaults
And i look into your pretty, pretty eyes and I fall each time I swear I do

So I put my guard down
I allow vulnerability to become me
I share with you things about me
Things I hesitate to share
And this vulnerability grows
It creates a nagging monster of fear that drowns me with negative thoughts
And I fight it but it wins
I'm left defeated, tired, and distraught

This gap grows between us
And I feel you so distant
as if you're a stranger, a bystander on the street
That travels past me just like the short breath of an instant
Who's rhythmic steps don't match my wandering feet

It breaks me into a million minuscule little glass pieces.
Because I feared that I would fall and break.
I'm just a girl with glass bones and paper skin.
You weren't there to catch me.
You aren't here to ease this ache.
Little Lady Jan 2014
I was in my dream last night...
The girl in my dream was a self image that my self conscious created.

She had long thick curly hair running down her back like a wild river,
and There were these thin wisps of black curls that rested on her forehead and would not budge no matter how many times she swept them aside

The ensemble she wore was rich in color
I admired the way the colors complemented each other
incredibly lively and elegant
She wore an azure tank with an emerald silk scarf
A Celeste cascaded long skirt embellished with tiny vibrant glass beads that shimmered ever so brightly
She was bare foot but i couldn't help but notice every step she took
On her ankles were anklets that dangled the prettiest of gems

She walked towards me
Her beautiful clothing dancing against her body

She sat next to me on the curb and said
"You look sad, what is the matter?
i can see the circles under your eyes
the insufficiency of laughter

Your heart and your mind are intertwined
You convince your mind to keep you in a dark place
then your heart crumbles leaving your care-fee spirit behind.

These are simply realities you must face

you know, things fall apart
so better things can come together
it might break your heart
but believe that hurtful moments don't last forever

Sometimes in-explainable things happen
sometimes the going gets tough
but you cant allow it to break your spirit for too long
The sun will rise again, sure enough."

Then, just as she gracefully came,
she gracefully left
I Awoke.
She left me with my sadness
for me to decide.
I started reading this interesting book (The New Physco-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz) & the very  beginning talks about how self image is crucial for your success and positivity. So that image you have In your mind of yourself can say so much about how you feel about yourself and everything that just surrounds your life.
So I thought about how I perceive myself and I decided to write something positive and creative about it :-)
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