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Jan 2014
I don't mind myself too much in the opinions of others.
They can believe whatever they want.
The thing I dont understand,
Is why they insist on caring about mine.
Don't tell me that my beliefs are wrong,
Those are empty words, and you're wasting your breath.
I can believe whatever I want,
And here's the kicker, so can you,
If I want to believe that the world bounces up and down,
Like a child with ADD,
Then I can,
And its none of your concern.
But just because I may BELIEVE that the world bounces up and down,
Like a spasmist child might,
Rather than spins,
Doesn't mean I'm right.
You may not be right either.
You believe that being gay is wrong.
I believe that hating people for loving another person is wrong.
You can believe what you want,
Thats perfectly fine,
And I wont say anything.
But once you start saying things about what I believe,
And telling me its wrong and disgusting and that I'm an abomination,
Thats not fine.
And buddy-boy...
Me and you are gonna have some words.
Just because a person believes in something different than you, it doesn't give you the right to hate on them. I'm pretty sure that in every religion, being a good person is a main goal. Hating a person for no legitimate reason is NOT being a good person.
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