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Jan 2014
I fiend to be clean
My envy shines of the brightest green
To purge this virus, this disease
This curse that clings to me
To be normal is what fills my dreams
Able to love someone who loves me
Without shame or misery
The opposite my history
Lies and pain my biography
Why do I insist living this day to day
Nightmare of ***, drugs, and alcohol
When I know **** well it's gonna fail in every way
Purity is not what I see, it's not me
That word should not be in my vocabulary
Failure is at my core, disappointment is what's in store
A scull and crossbones my sign
Compelled to cross the lines
With poison in my blood, heart starts to race
Eyes dilated as I face my fate
It floods my vision in this head on collision
Once again placing me in position for victory
Maybe this will be the fatal wound that finally kills the fiend.
Red Fox
Written by
Red Fox  Northwest
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