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Red Fox Mar 2014
Leave the fire going my friend
To help me find my way back again
Now it's time to greet the demons inside
Just one more time
I must numb the pain and silence the lies
Sword in hand, I'm off to battle
Although, purposely unprepared
My sword and shield are rather fragile
Sure, I'll receive cuts and bruises from the beast
But I will stuff myself at the feast, at least
It will be okay my friend, I will see you soon again

Leaving the fire's warmth, in a delusional state
The knight's own hands sealed his fate
Given freely to the beast... for one last ride
He was seen that night, for the very last time
Addiction is a *****
Red Fox Mar 2014
Love is never lost - it may wilt from time to time, neglected and forgotten by the fear and uncertainty of life - But it is never lost. Sometimes we must dig down deep to the roots of love, where it all started from and was able to grow, to remember it needs nourishment and time and balance of all elements in order to thrive.
Red Fox Mar 2014
Through strength and will, a spark was born.
A spark from within,
Made entirely by itself, in the depths of my being.
As the spark became brighter,
It then exploded into an inner fire -
Self sufficient, it burns only with love and life's desire.
Each step I take away from you,
The flames grow hotter and higher.
Growing in confirmation of my value,
And this value, you can never ***** or subdue.
I am worth the world, stars, and sun.
You gave up your chance,
And THIS spark can never be undone.
Red Fox Mar 2014
A string entwined, in the mind
Wrapped in memories and dreams.
The feeling, never leaving, of bites and silent stings.
Through smiles and laughter, maybe even playful banter,
The string seems to dig in even tighter.
Cut the string! The mind begs.
The past is littered with bits of string cut before,
And the future will bring plenty more.
But this string is strong. Embedded, rooted in the core.
And sometimes I feel a slight comfort in its stings and blistering,
Knowing it's still there.
Agony, it only brings, when the moonlight stares,
But numb the pain? Ha! I do not dare.
Red Fox Mar 2014
My shadow came out of the blue today
It told me lies, it told me lies
With a silver tongue and blood-shot eyes
It told me lies, it told me lies
It calls my name late at night
Carrying the cure to the pain of life

When will I speak the truth
All I hear are the lies coming through
Help me smother these feelings
******* back to reality

Will me broken heart ever heal
Can I ever love the one in the mirror
Where do we go when our past is calling
Get outta my head, my cloud is falling
It's screaming my name, help me out man
Silence the lies, silence the lies

My memories, it can take away
But there's a price, a price to pay
Insanity is the lies black hole
Serenity is where I wish to go

My sun came out of the darkness today
Reminding me that there's a better way
A mirror holds only reflections
Hand in hand, we'll find redemption
As I break the chains to fly
I've silenced the lies, I've silenced the lies

... for now
Red Fox Feb 2014
Ignore me for an hour, I'll ignore you for two
Hurt me once, and I'll hurt you a few
Make me cry, go ahead, try and make me cry
Told myself I never would, that I would rather die
Loving you is like a beautiful death
My heart aches in pain, but you are like my last breath
I need you, I want you, why can't you say the same
I know you are strong, but you're driving me insane
Unlike you, this love thing is new to me, I never thought it was real
You showed me it was, but I didn't know this pain was part of the deal
You can't sleep when I'm there, I can't sleep without you
You need me to encourage daily but understanding me, you can't seem to do
Tell me, is this love real or like your dozen "loves" before?
I need to feel your need, your desire for me
Am I your temporary addiction, a puzzle piece in your disease?
If you love me, love me hard, patience I do not have
Tell me moon man, what exactly is your plan?
Red Fox Feb 2014
These words I speak,
you don't understand.
This feeling I'm feeling,
you can't comprehend.
The sadness in my eyes,
that twinkle of sorrow.
My past is calling,
can I make it til tomorrow?
I want you to know me,
my abstract vision
The tingles I got,
from your appreciation.
The energy I felt when I was not in arms reach,
magnetized me, mesmerized me
I struggle to hold the connection.
Is it me that's losing steam... not so easy and free?
I want more, I need more.
An addict I am, for everything, for life itself.
There are times I have nothing,
Can I **** a little of yours to revive myself?
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