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Jan 2014
He looks with intent
as he stares beyond her eyes,
to the core of her being,
uniting with something within
her soul.

The face of love, her counterpart
Looks back at him
with anticipation
waiting for words to form,
speaking sounds of harmony;
His music playing distantly
within the depths of her heart.

His desire for her is coiled tightly around the
framework of her soul.
There is a secret place within her
where her adoration for him causes
the joints and the marrow to meet, and the
nucleus of their yearning divides
and reforms many times over
forging a stronger bond;
The spirit of Agape is born in the season of its place
beyond the dividing asunder.

The innocence of passion precedes His advancement towards her
and time takes a picture
capturing their beauty.
She tilts her head slightly to the left
as if she is rebalancing the motion of Jupiter’s axis
and here their lips embrace ,
and for a small moment,
they are trapped in the destiny of their
own eternity.

They speak secrets of intimacy
whispering in duality; two voices echoing;
ΒΏVen a pasar su vida con mi amor?
smiling from the inside out
and all of the components of their relationship
lay abreast arresting hope,  
sentencing their love to life.
I wrote this poem on a flight from Washington, DC. All I had was several napkins. I was desparate to capture this moment in time. It was all I had to write on. I was taken aback by two young lovers and the innocence of their intimacy. For a moment, I was envious of the love they displayed for each other as though something was missing from my life. Assuredly, I convinced myself that one day, I too, would find this same love. It was something beautiful. They sat in seat 28F.
Dwayne Eugene Littleton
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