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Jan 2014
i think I've seen heaven
dressed in partial colours
hiding behind your eyes
i felt it in your touch
sending shivers to my bones
giving me thoughts
i never knew i could fathom
and even I felt every kind of pain
it is you i see
what heaven would be and would feel like
new, fresh, and heavenly.

i think i've seen hell
my blood in my veins
through my heart
that beats only for you
but you don't care, you don't mind
that each pain i feel
burns in vain
but you don't care, you don't mind

*because as I've seen, as I've felt
heaven is nothing
hell is my everything
This is about loving, feeling, and hurting, that happened with a certain person as the catalyst of it all. It is just wonderful how a person can do those at the same time, and still be in love.

Love what a powerful tool.
Written by
jacky  no places
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