Oct 2009

There's a piece of me in every mile and a memory of you in every smile.
I litter the highway with my heart as the space between grows further apart-
This trail I'm leaving will serve to bring the two of us together again.

I left a piece outside your door and placed the last on my entry floor.
Should you find the temptation too great, head my way; I'll wait.
Pick up the pieces as you go, and bring them with you to make me whole.

Maybe it will be I, who snaps under the weight of such a gap,
And then I'll find my way to you until I have all the pieces due.
We'll seal them together with a kiss and not think about such a time as this

When you are there and I am here and neither one is very near.
There's a piece of me in every mile, and they're waiting out the meanwhile
Until I see your face again and can once more my whole heart claim.

Written by
Jenny Cassell
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