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Dec 2013
going to rise up early
with lady or three in my king sized bed.
heading for the mall
seeking lonely cute ladies.
throw out a few compliments
women buy it
they believe you sincere.
women have many big fears
grey hair
wrinkles and crows feet
being alone
growing old alone
getting fat
not getting dates
dying spinsters.
i will play on what makes them happy
i will get a woman to spend new year's eve
with me and all night.
easy when you built from work outs
easy when you got a face women like
easy telling women what they want to hear
throw out some lies
tell them they pretty
tell them you love them
tell them anything nice
feed their egos
I say their pretty
i pour wine and they sip
my lying gets kisses tasting of wine.
women believe me because
I look sincere when it lie.
my business suit
nice car
expensive watch
gets them in my car
gets me in their house
gets me in the house when husbands are away
gets me a squeeze of a breast or knee
gets me body kisses
gets me body shots
gets me to any base i want.
easy getting a date on new year's eve
or any day of the year
i lie
they buy it
i get what i want
what i want is ***
what i love is *** and more ***
*** addict
i don't want help
easy getting fixes for my habit
women will be women
desperate for attention
hitching a ride
on a gravy train for security
i play to that lie they want to hear.
no security with me
it's playing to what they want
i get my fix of ***
then on to the next
lonely woman
and the next.
no crime
consenting adults.
one thinking it's the real
one knowing he
is in it just for ***.
Written by
Lost in shadows
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