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Dec 2013
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
Sheba was sleeping quietly on her special little chair
And Oscar was snoring loudly like a hibernating bear.

I munched on Danish butter cookies and sipped some wine
While I typed this silly poem, trying to make it all rhyme.
I thought of Christmas memories made special every year
Full of love, lots of laughter...with people I hold dear.

I miss my parents and grandparents oh, so very much
But I feel them surround me with their sweet angelic touch.
Especially my mom, who made Christmastime so bright
Knowing she's with me always, I feel the warmth of her light.

Something I pondered as I played with words to rhyme:
"Cheap Danish butter cookies are tasty for $2.99..."
Back to the task at hand, before I drift off to sleep (I hope)
Heed the words I'm typing, although they're not from the Pope:

Be present in the moment with the ones you truly love
Forgive those who hurt you (though you'd like to give 'em a shove)
Give yourself a break for the mistakes you may have made
(You know, that cliche about turning lemons into lemonade.)

In the still of this moment, take in all of your blessings
Drink plenty of eggnog, eat turkey and lots of dressing
Make the most of this one day to be light and not cuss
Life goes way too fast...slow down and enjoy Christmas!

The End.

(I'm also out of cookies.)
I couldn't sleep in the wee hours of Christmas morning. I was piddling around on Facebook, eating cheap cookies and drinking some wine.  I thought of the family members I miss so much, especially this time of year. Then, I got inspired...sort-of.  My little pram was a big hit among Facebook friends.     :-)
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
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