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Dec 2013
One empty heart locket,
With no pictures inside
You said never take this off,
Wear it everyday.
Maybe it was to remember.
To remember all of our memories
On that day.
The day you became my family.
The "unknown to you" lie
You were telling me
Would stay in my head forever.
A lie too simple to not believe.
You said,
"I'll never leave."
And in my fairytale world,
I sure believed you.
But when I opened my eyes,
My best friend was gone.
I will not forget
The memories you left
And I will remember
The lie you spoke to me.
My tiny heart locket
Still remains empty,
But on the outside,
There is a date.
The date you became a part of me.
The date I got
That little heart locket.
The date you told me
We would put a picture of us
In that little heart locket.
The date you told me
That simple promising lie.
And now as I remember
That date while holding
My empty little heart locket,
I wish I could go back in time;
Back to my fairytale world.
Back to you,
Back to the time
You weren't going to leave,
Back to the time I didn't have to wonder
If you ever thought of me.
Now my fairytale lives on,
But only when I close my eyes.
I'll never forget it
Because I still have my
One empty heart locket.
Dedicated to my aunt who decided to leave. Thank you
Written by
Bailey Cahill  Wonderland
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