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Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
You were new
I hated you from the start
Everyone loved you
The girls giggled as you walked past
The guys called your name
I sat aside and hated your fame
You thought you were something else
Something special
But you were nothing
Nothing to me
You talked to me
Or should i say, tried?
I tried to ignore you
Your stares made me abide
I couldn't look away from your eyes
When you would turn around
And stare me down
I hated it,
At first
But then something clicked
I had an epiphany
In fact,
I loved the attention you were giving me
She told me to watch out
But she also told me the way your eyes glazed over
When you gazed at me
I think my eyes did the same
Every stare from you
Had my body reacting
I started to like you
But we were young
It was nothing
But then you talked to me
And I fell in love with your voice too
We joked and spoke to each other
Everyday from then on
But it was different
It wasn't coming from you
Yet I still believed it was true
But she was always in the background
Somehow knowing everything you said to me
We fell in love
We stayed together for years
You were my air,
Everything to me
I loved you,
More than anyone else.
The love still is with me
Even though you are gone
But yet, the truth is,
You never were,
Because it ended up being her lies all along.
Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
One empty heart locket,
With no pictures inside
You said never take this off,
Wear it everyday.
Maybe it was to remember.
To remember all of our memories
On that day.
The day you became my family.
The "unknown to you" lie
You were telling me
Would stay in my head forever.
A lie too simple to not believe.
You said,
"I'll never leave."
And in my fairytale world,
I sure believed you.
But when I opened my eyes,
My best friend was gone.
I will not forget
The memories you left
And I will remember
The lie you spoke to me.
My tiny heart locket
Still remains empty,
But on the outside,
There is a date.
The date you became a part of me.
The date I got
That little heart locket.
The date you told me
We would put a picture of us
In that little heart locket.
The date you told me
That simple promising lie.
And now as I remember
That date while holding
My empty little heart locket,
I wish I could go back in time;
Back to my fairytale world.
Back to you,
Back to the time
You weren't going to leave,
Back to the time I didn't have to wonder
If you ever thought of me.
Now my fairytale lives on,
But only when I close my eyes.
I'll never forget it
Because I still have my
One empty heart locket.
Dedicated to my aunt who decided to leave. Thank you
Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
I saw your gold eyes
Through the thick brush
Staring me down,
As if to ask if I wanted to dance.
You led me through the woods
To an unfamiliar place.
A sliver of moonlight was peeking
Through the leaves.
Others started showing up,
Like it was a big ball
Out here in your woods.
I was Cinderella,
And you were my beastly prince.
"Please kiss a frog,"
I asked you,
"So you can turn into a prince."
But you looked at me with those bright eyes,
And I knew you already were my prince.
The gold moon
Finally started peeking through,
So we danced.
We danced in the moonlight
Until the whole moon
Shown through the leaves.
Then you howled.
I knew it had to be another one of my dreams.
But deep down,
I knew it was true.
I was dancing with wolves.
Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
She's wearing that tiny black dress of death
And that shiny necklace of lust.
Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
To be young again-
I remember back to the time
He asked me to dance.
I had not even
Known his name.
Mother would have
Looked down at me
And shook her fist
While screaming,
"That boy is no good!"
But she did not know
Our secret.
We were in love
Spinning in circles,
Twirling me around,
The band of the time
Playing in the background.
It turned into
A weekend thing,
Just him and I.
Almost a year later,
We were dancing
To the same song
On our wedding day.
Mother could not be there,
But I know
She was watching
Us twirl,
And dance some more.
We danced.
We danced into our future,
And danced into the night,
And into our last breaths.
But we were together,
And that was all that mattered to us.
Bailey Cahill Dec 2013
I do not know
The exact moment I died,
Maybe it was when they told me
I would never again be able
To look into your eyes.
The willows were weeping with me-
An army of broken hearts and promises
All going down with me.
The clouds were crying-
Filled by fallen angels' tears.
You only wanted to escape,
The dusty corners of your mind
Were never good enough.
The demons made you do it;
They whispered in your ear
Until you could not imagine
Any other way of living on.
Their heinous promises
Made you get on the chair
And jump out of the rope's reach.
They made you swallow
Your screams of pain,
And Regret.
And then they finally closed your eyes.
Their words filled my dreams;
Made them nightmares.
And when I walked in
And  found you,
The demon's words filled
My mind,
My world,
And my soul
With promises
That I would never be able
To look into your eyes again.

— The End —