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Dec 2013
I’ve been thinking of how we ended up here
this big mess we made of a love that was once so strong
How did we go wrong?

I’ve been wondering what made you go
what you made you change your colors
cant see the light through your dark shades of grey

I’ve been hoping you'd come around
run through those doors one more time with that oh so sweet yet violent look in ur eye

What now?
This is it, this is goodbye
This isn't our see you later.
This is our never ever after.
What now?
You'll smile and I'll wave
We'll walk pass each other as if we never cared
as if we never happened
We'll pretend it doesn't hurt and the cycle will go on and on
till someday one of us forgets the other
And just like that we become strangers all over again.
That’s what you do when they turn into strangers, it’s all you can do. Think, wonder, and hope cause honestly what else can you do?
The Habits of My Heart
   ---, Santiago, ---, MKJ, Weeping willow and 6 others
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