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Dec 2013
feel lost.
I feel alone.
The feeling of complete brokenness.
I am empty,
Widdled down to dust.
My body is uninhabited.
My spirit is in millions of pieces.
I feel distant.

I wasn't always this way.
I once was filled with joy and laughter.
I once had hopes and dreams.
I once had a purpose.
It once was so easy.

Now its to difficult to bare.
I am now lifeless pieces lying on the floor.
Everyday is a tragedy.
I fall, I shatter.
Sorrow drips from my face like a water fall.
I am an empty shell.
Pain, regret, and despair is eating away at me from the inside out.

Then you find me.
You mend me together with gold.
I am now worth something.
My spirit is no longer in shambles.
I once again have a purpose.
I laugh and feel joy.
I contain hopes and dreams.
When I fall I don't shatter.
The brokenness I felt before is gone.
I am whole.
Written by
Jessica Stehouwer
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