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Dec 2013
I remembered every movie I've ever seen with you
I remembered every date I used to go on with you
Every restaurant
Every park
Every time we shared I remembered

Sometimes I wished I could have an eternal sunshine
But sometimes I wanted to hold on to the memories we made
Even though they tortured me daily
And I was left mostly of the memory of the day you left me

I was scared
Every second of that day felt like a repeated stab to the stomach
And with each moment before it would fade I just wanted to keep it there
Then you told me and gutted me

My insides laid out before you
What I am truly laid out before you
And you turned around
And you left me

I told you that it was alright
That I can put myself back together
It wasn't the first time I've been cut open
It'd be easy to seal up the wound this time

But I can't
The wound is too deep
Parts of it my fault and part of it yours
It won't go back in

Now my insides are nothing
First they rotted
Then they disintegrated
Now all I am left with is nothing but hollow emptiness
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
     Katie Nicole and ---
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