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Aug 2010
At that very moment, somehow you know
You look at me just so and emotions overload
All this time I'm wondering where you've been
It's long overdue and I'm longing again.

You're the only one who gets this right
Will you make this the perfect, restless night?
Don't need my dreams; I can thrive without sleep
For I bloom when you share your secrets with me

Every time I think you've reached my core
You peel back the petals and uncover more
Just when I'm sure my adrenaline's drained
You recharge my soul; like the first time... again

The perfect rose, it blooms only once
The scent, the beauty, angelic to touch
Though the thorns it hides may cause us pain
You'll risk it with me; it's worth the gain

Take hold of my hands; read into my eyes
You're the one who fuels this unstoppable drive
We'll get there together and rise with the moon
Don't hesitate now; I'm waiting to bloom.
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
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