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Nov 2013
I am lost and wandering,
scared and alone in the world.
There's no safe place anymore.
No haven for me.

There's no warm embrace greeting me everyday.
No groggy smiles in the morning.
No late car drives around the city.
No comforting calls or messages.

The only things that remain are memories.
Some more faded than others.
Most are so etched into my mind,
they've become permanent.
I can't let them go.

I have no safe haven.
Nothing there keeping me from going over the edge,
I'm not safe from anyone anymore,
not even myself.
They'll find me again,
they always do.
And when they do you won't be there to protect me,
or to hear my muffled cries.
I'll cry out for you to help me,
save me.

Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
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