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Nov 2013
I'm a poet full time
I serve these sentences; they're my bloodlines
These killer rhymes got me behind iron bars
It's ironic because these bars save me from myself, rub' em together and get a spark
My self-expression serves as an anecdote to it's opposite act
Harm can't touch me when I don't react
I'm not playing, when I'm on fire like this you better take a picture, and frame
Because my ingenuity could snap, and fall short of fame
This prison jumpsuit is plane
And I'm about to jump out, in fact
I feel like I'm fallin', with no aim
But, I'm really flying, posing for headshots; I can’t be shot down because they’ll always underestimate their window of time as I escalate to higher panes
It's all perspective; everything ends up dyeing somehow
But why describe a story by its finish with the multi-personality mayhem
When you could define it by the ******, elevating like hemp, laughin, but they’ll know I’m not kidding at the end
'Sept I'm just sprouting up like its may
ahem listen up because this is just the beginning, elementary, first day
And I'm already spittin like I should be exspelled,
Kicked out, never schooled, hell
Just take over the game like I got a monopoly held hostage
Got Scotian Power, I'm overcharged and tired of these sellouts ******* the page
This ainte a hoes stage
By *** I mean any tool who never dag
Never worked and got their hands ***** for little pay
So step aside, or a circle, surround me like sharks
Try and tare me apart, and I'll just write about it
That’s art, you'll self destruct in your jealous rage
You're baked if you think you're stopping me, when you were born they said, "this pie sees"
*****, I'm a Pisces, this is my age
Too late to stop, already took out the cleaver and pulled up my sleeves
******' getting my peace
And don't be shocked by my curse words please
There's a reason my poetic heart monitor goes beep, beep, beep
Because to peak, I have to express these things
It's called my life line for a reason, I use it when I need the audience to know
That I'm going to deep
To the microscopic level
So you can see the demons that keep this ***** beating
And you'll know I flat lined
When I leave something unsaid
Because I don't shoot blanks until I've done my time
That is why I never make the last sentence rhyme
Because I won't stop writing until I die
So, as long my poem ends like this, you'll know I haven't yet served my life sentence.
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