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Nov 2013
I see an elderly man give his wife a kiss on her fore head.
I see a new dad smiling brightly at his new baby and his glowing wife.
I see a couple beginning their journey as man and wife.

I see these things already,
and I feel like it's on purpose.
Like it's some sick joke meant to toy with me,
but sometimes it's not so bad.
It's nice to see that happiness around me.

There are some things that I have to sort out,
and there are some things I just need to let go.

I go out to meet this guy,
but I know he's not the one.
Still knowing that,
I still go.
Maybe out of my self-pity,
or just to clear my thoughts.

It's hard waiting for something so good to come along,
but I know in my heart it'll be worth it all.
It's time for me to get the little pieces of myself back,
and put myself back together.

Whoever I will meet in the future
doesn't deserve to have what's left of my heart,
they deserve the entire thing,
not bits and pieces.

I continue on,
not knowing what to expect.
Only knowing that one day,
it'll all be worth it.
And when I see him,
I'll know.
Kaitlin Frost
Written by
Kaitlin Frost
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