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Nov 2013
The hardest thing I did today was deleting your number.
I had been putting it off for months,
It was something so final, severing our last connection.
Even though we hadn't spoken in months,
And you were already gone from my life.
Yet I was hoping that you would change your mind,
That you would text me back.
I spent countless nights, reading our old messages,
With tears in my eyes.
My breathe would catch in my chest at the sound of the familiar ring,
But it was never you.
I would text you, on lonely nights,
When my head was dizzy from the alcohol,
But all I would get was one worded replies.
I know I needed to cut off all ties to you, to let you go.
But it felt so final, it made my heart race.
I didn't get any final goodbyes, no last words,
Just the click of a button.
I took a deep breath, as I scrolled to your name,
Erasing the last thing that held us together.
Sarah DeeSarah
Written by
Sarah DeeSarah  Chicago
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