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Aug 2010
It's feelings that are mixed,
emotions that are new.
Thinking back on memories,
of my time with you.

I said I'm over you,
but you words are still so sharp.
Sparking up those tears,
cutting through my heart.

You meant the world to me,
and that will never change.
But you called me a *****,
who are you to say?

You broke up with me,
two months ago, remember?
You wanted to be friends,
you started this cold weather.

You told me you were in love,
with my best friend.
What did you want me to say?
go ahead, dive in?

It's not me, my dear,
who's keeping you apart.
It's that fact she's swept up,
someone else has her heart.

And she's a better friend,
than we all seem to know.
She knows what would happen,
how insane I would go.

But I'm not keeping you apart,
so stop blaming me.
Tell me the real reason,
for what seems like jelousy.

I'm single now,
so I can do as I please.
It's not like I'm having ***,
or dropping on my knees.

I kissed another guy,
big deal, why should you care?
You dumped me, remember?
you haven't been there.

So you call me a *****,
grow up would you please?
Telling me I spread my legs,
for every guy I meet.

Sorry, last time I checked,
we kissed and that was it.
Stop trying to control me,
to cause a bunch of ****.

If you don't want me kissing,
other guys, well baby.
You shouldn't have left me for dead,
shouldn't have been so shady.

You made me feel so down,
so low upon myself.
Made my want to grab a knife,
end all that I've felt.

But honey, you're not worth it,
not worth that kind of fame.
And I have more pride than that,
I am not ashamed.

Of who I am, sweetie,
so your judegement you can pass.
But guess what, honey?
You can kiss my ***.

So stop calling me a *****,
because I kissed another guy.
You dumped me, remember?
you left me to cry.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
     Rosii the Dreamer, Jolene Perron and ---
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