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Nov 2013
Life of the world deteriorating as we know it
Humanity turns to the words of a poet
Who's teachings enlighten those who listen
The rebels of society are the ones who truly glisten
Our short, short life is a magical gift
Like his words which provide a unique uplift
He rejecting ideals of the moral masses
His lectures the lenses to societies glasses
He respects those who apprehend this game
Not the followers who sing praise to his name
His gift now a curse he could no longer bear
"Who am I truly?" He came to declare
Cheap liquor no longer doing it's job
As his self loathing grew deep, he could only sob
He was the idol to many, which he came to shun
Retiring from his practice, with himself he became one
Discovering his identity, finding his true meaning
His quest representing the secret to being
Scorned for living as his true person
Criticized for expressing his feeling of aversion
Towards conforming to the shepherd
Becoming one of the sheep, his deepest fear
Content with his lifestyle, the light would finally appear
He was truly tranquil where he would now reside
But he couldn't resist the nostalgia of his true pride
He wrote one last work which would give hope to the world
Composed with his entire soul, mankind would be swirled
He would be the catalyst of change in these desperate times
Society would be saved by his brilliant poetic rhymes
A poem superior to ones written before
A song of rebirth which the world would adore
But only in death could his work take effect
His grand finale, which he had to perfect
A day to remember, the day he passed
This God-sent man was free, free at last
His last breath taken with utmost peace
He was content with his death, to say the least
This man was my mentor, I couldn't let him go
His hand turned cold as I said "See you again ole fellow"
He will forever be a hero, second to none
Sewing the world together, to now live as one
Written by
Christopher Habla  Georgia
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