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Nov 2013
My mind is erratic, caught in the gales
I spend all my days pondering tales
Time there wasted, wistfully so
wandering aimlessly, pulled to and fro
by tides and winds, and volcanic throes
dreams of dire beasts and dastardly foes
****** upon vast landscapes abroad
from the greatest of plains to the realms of god
I dream of fair dragons, shrouded majestic
soaring abreeze in my mind, electric
Its in these realms i find myself wanting
but always there looms reality, haunting.
With cruel humanity it breaks me apart
Its with this thought, I was doomed from the start
Reality reaps the imagination
forever cast to a real damnation
I find myself trapped in a cage of despair
tearing down my fantasy in my own mental lair
I want to escape, it is my right
therefore it is my will now to fight
My fantasy here is my reality
Hopefully my dreams will be there to save me
Quiltel The NightFury
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