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Nov 2013
As I lived the days that come and go
I thought of what I had to show
Of all the things I’d won and earned
Of all the things I’d trashed and burned

The bads outweigh the goods, you see
Their heaviness means I’ll never be free
This cold, dark world is all I am
And held me back for future scam

The bitter cold, the vivid dark
Both tried to take away my spark
They’d sneak and fight, and turn me cold
And make me nothing, but controlled

I longed for heat, I longed for light
I wished and prayed straight through the night
I knew that path to say farewell
But that just led me straight to hell

‘I wonder if the heat feels nice’
‘It can’t get worse’ was my advice
I took the blade and took my heart
For constant heat I did depart

The heat was bliss and soothed my pain
But then the clouds let forth some acid rain
The heat was higher than I could bare
It burnt my skin and singed my hair

The pain is constant, from the heat
I wish the cold days would repeat

So as I hurt, and scream and shout
I wish I’d never opted out
The Black Beast
Written by
The Black Beast  Hertfordshire
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