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Oct 2013
You made me feel special
Like I was worth something
To you I was not just pretty
But perfect

I thought it would mean something
I thought what we had was special

I was wrong

You told me all the right things
You held me close as we danced
You knew exactly what to do
You took care of me

But when it was all said and done
I wasn't all that special
I wasn't pretty or perfect
I wasn't anything special

It meant nothing to you
I meant nothing to you
We had nothing

You made me feel cheap
*****, used.
I didn't matter
In the next room, totally forgotten

Out of sight out of mind

It was my fault,
Just as much as it was yours
I will own it
I will move past it

I will pick up my broken pieces
And keep moving forward

No matter what,
I refuse, to let you make me feel worthless
I refuse to let this break me.

I don't need you
To make me feel special
But for that one night,
I wanted to be something special to you.
Written by
Maria Rodriguez
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