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Oct 2013
And earth is its own god,
A very confusing thing to wrap our arms around and call home.
I try, but its never worth breaking my back over..
I point the finger at myself once more.

I admire this bird I had once seen..
All shunned to a cage,
but still managing to sing.
It was so hopeful...although most of the day was him staring at himself in a mirror that was placed inside his forever trap.
He was fighting to stay sane.
That bird and I, we aren't so different.

There is a horrible longing tattooed in my mind, for some divine sign.
Some worth.
I feel as though we all look for it.
Its in our curiousity, only to be let down.

Forward ill go...
Just believing in what I believe,
In hopes ill find another who believes in most of the same.
(Note to Self*)
Godspeed Darrion.............Godspeed.
Darrion Washington
Written by
Darrion Washington  Pennsylvania
   ---, Aviendha Goodrich, Jodi, r, Stephanie and 4 others
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