Aug 2010

The nearness of you , it's like a Dream come true,.  The very way You touch Me, the Way You Kiss me,,  Makes me feel like a Man,, Makes me know that I can, Give to You some peace of Mind, Giving You this love of Mine..  I've got Your Love to make Me feel glad,  Just thinking of You, is what I like to do..  It's knowing that You care, You're with me Everywhere.   The way You Smile, the way You  Look at me,,  It thrills me so,, OH YES,,OH YES,,I know the feeling that I have.. It's a Fire inside of Me,,a Fire that I Love in me..  The nearness of YOU ,,It's like a dream come true.  The way You've touched me,,the Way You've Kissed me..   Makes me feel like a MAN,,Makes me know I can,,,And Knowing  YOU,,'MAKES ME"

copyright Aug 2010  by Barnoah   Mike Ham
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