Oct 2013
If you knew the way I thought about you, I think you would blush.

I think for a moment you would stare at me in wonder and think to yourself
"what?! how do you of all people think that way about me?"

If you knew what I were thinking about you, I think you would be kinda speechless.

That for a few minutes you wouldn't know what to say or what to do you would just sit there like a rock; cause I think if you knew the way I thought about you, your whole world would change, not for the rest of us just you inside your head.

Maybe you would decide to smile more,
or maybe you would choose to open the windows as you drove down the street; because what I think of you isn't really that important,
but what you believe about yourself is more important.

so for a moment if I could get you to hear my thoughts about you,
if for a moment you could crawl into my head
and see what I see, you would be proud of yourself; you would be amazed at yourself; and you would probably laugh a little too.

you see if you could know what I think about you,
you really wouldn't have to wonder about me anymore;
cause you would know my heart.

If I could play my mind out like a song or a recording;
first, I think people would be offended, but I know you wouldn't because
I know you would keep that recording because you feel the same way.
So really you know the way I think about you, because you think that way about me.
Written by
Eryca  Washington
   Isabelle and Kathy J
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