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Oct 2013
Here laying on the ground
Watching those leafs as it falls
As the wind passed by so slow
I could still hear that laughter’s we've shared
Why couldn't I stop thinking about you?

It makes me sad
Watching those stars up above
As the Shooting stars goes by so fast
I still remember those night you're by my side
Why couldn't I bring that time back?

Why am I feeling this way?
Watching you just passed me by
As the bell banging so loud
I can't believe this was happening
Why couldn't I hear you calling me anymore?

It makes me weep
Watching those raindrops as it drifts
As they close that long box's lid
I could see except the lovely face of yours
Why couldn't you come to see me my dear?

Here I have wait, sitting beside
Watching the lovely sun about to sets
As the Sky begins to fade grey
I could hear you sobbing by my side
Why couldn't I speak to say I’m sorry and goodbye?
Norfhel V Ramirez
Written by
Norfhel V Ramirez
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