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Oct 2013
Broken Pens
Broken Dreams
A whole shore full of broken rings
On the isle of broken things

Walk along the shores of broken rock
See the broken souls
Will yours belong there?
It is full of young and old

These souls have been shattered
Scarred too deep
for anyone to fix
here on the isle of broken things

Walk along the roads
They are littered with broken glass
You too will surely shatter
if you choose to walk this path

Broken hearts hold it together
Cemented with sadness and anger
These pains their only trade
There are many who live here
However they know not
Of this isle full of things just as broken as they

And if they did know
Would they continue to be
Here alone with you
On this isle of broken things
Alexis Peterson
Written by
Alexis Peterson
   Victoria Isabel
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