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Oct 2013
This is your reality, the brave new world;
i just hang out here:
birthed in the Cradle of Elam,
a mourning son of Baal,
smeared and anointed
with the oil from the
***** fingerprints of
countless scores of
sweaty neophytes;
carried, dropped, dented;
brought forth from eons passed,
updated for the 21st century,
gilded Krylon-gold.

This nebulous gift,
made tangible and
whole by blood,
a form fitting sacrifice,
transmogrified kudzu,
rootless, digging
talons' clutch into
our minds' construct,
seeks strength of
conviction, action.

Our ship is now
veering off course.
i must respond in kind.
i will not be led astray.
i will not have my good
intentions commandeered.
i will hijack your purpose,
screaming mutiny,
holding Occam's Razor-knife
to the throat of your jihads.

i issue a fatwa of peace,
as you once did,

i renounce a kingdom of hate,
as you once did,

i seek charity in effort,
as we once did,

Let us rebuild.
Let us move forward.
***** a new Babel,
forsaking the sword.

Let our forks be on roads,
and not on our tongues;
a forging of union,
as we'd once begun:

My sisters, my brothers,
my family,
as one.
originally, i repeated "my family" in German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Hindi, and Spanish (in that order, for no special reason) between the last two lines....[sorry, i found a super cool translator program online]....turns out i couldn't include it all here because of the character display restrictions....i could probably figure it out, but that seemed like pretentious overkill, and i am too lazy for all that....
Derek Yohn
Written by
Derek Yohn  Florida
   Shang, mark john junor and ---
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