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Jul 2010
Do I take you with me on this adventure I have been planning all my life?

On my journey I have dreamt of in math classes, late nights in bed,
and on lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun?

My plans for my adventure have never been static and have constantly changed over my few young years...

In my mind I have gone to Art school in Paris and backpacking through Morrocco and teaching in Costa Rica and done the Inca trail in Peru and spent time at a Kibbutz  in Israel and volunteered in India and sailed all the Seven Seas...

Now as I stand on the presipice of my Epic Journey,
not afraid, but invigorated, I have a choice;

I can go alone;  strong, fearless, ready to embrace the wolrd with arms wide open, wings spread and nothing and no one to hold me back from my dreams...

Or I can take you with me, share my adventure with you, and start a new journey that includes you?

We could make a path, you and I, through the world, where ever we choose to go, make our own adventure, new dicoveries... and have a very long journey together, and instead of worrying about old plans, make new memories.

Would you like to come with me on my adventure, my love?
Will you start a journey with me?
Written by
AmandaJane  Some where across the sea
(Some where across the sea)   
     D Conors
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