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AmandaJane Mar 2016
You destroyed me, along with every thing else in your path.

Your love was so gigantic it left space for nothing else. And now without it, I am completely empty.

When you left, you Left me in pieces; A shattered  version of who I was once was.

You left me with memories of brief moments of trivial happiness and that is all that is left to  string the pieces of me together.
AmandaJane Jan 2015
I count the hours between the moments I spend with you.

Time drags, the sun is dull, voices are mute, minutes become days.

I live for the split second I catch your eye across the room. And you smile. And my heart, it races, and the day becomes beautiful again.

You are every thing.
AmandaJane Jan 2015
You lurk in the corners of my mind,
Like the shadow that follows me,
Or a dream I can't shake off.

I hear you in the lyrics of songs you've never heard, I see you in places you've never been.

You seep into memories you don't belong in, that we didn't share.

I have banished you from my life,
But my heart just won't let you leave.
AmandaJane Nov 2014
My face is bare, changed only by the sunburn and happy blush of my cheeks.

My hair hangs loose in curls, lightened by summer and the sea, as it did when I was a child.

My fingernails are short and unpainted, my wrists and neck unadorned, dressed with only a smattering of new freckles.

Never have I been more beautiful, bare naked, but for the salt on my skin and the sun in my eyes.
AmandaJane Jul 2011
I fell in love on a black sand beach
with boiling sand beneath my toes
and a sticky wet breeze at my neck.

Your smile, so wide,
filled my heart, one tooth at a time.

Night swimming, tasting the hot rain,
wanting to taste each other.
An innocence, and a carnal lust.

The sky broke into loud bright lights,
the electricity between us.

Seeing you was seeing myself.
Laughing with you was laughing at myself.
Never have I felt so free.

Bread and water and you,
I was satisfied to the core of my existence.  
With you I was alive.

A look between our mirror eyes,
your touch on my sun-ignited skin.

Your ancient soul in a child body.
I loved you
but the ocean we loved in keeps us apart.
AmandaJane Aug 2010
I wish I could fix your broken heart my dear friend.
I wish I could put the pieces of you back together.
I wish that I could make your tears stop flowing.

But all I can do is hold you while you break.
I cannot fix you,
but I can hold you together until you're ready
to put back in place the pieces of yourself that are broken.  

I canot take away your tears.
But in your own sweet time dear friend,
when your eyes dry, and you can see clearly again,
I will show you the world awaiting your presence.

You are broken for now, my beautiful friend, but you are not alone.
AmandaJane Jul 2010
Do I take you with me on this adventure I have been planning all my life?

On my journey I have dreamt of in math classes, late nights in bed,
and on lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun?

My plans for my adventure have never been static and have constantly changed over my few young years...

In my mind I have gone to Art school in Paris and backpacking through Morrocco and teaching in Costa Rica and done the Inca trail in Peru and spent time at a Kibbutz  in Israel and volunteered in India and sailed all the Seven Seas...

Now as I stand on the presipice of my Epic Journey,
not afraid, but invigorated, I have a choice;

I can go alone;  strong, fearless, ready to embrace the wolrd with arms wide open, wings spread and nothing and no one to hold me back from my dreams...

Or I can take you with me, share my adventure with you, and start a new journey that includes you?

We could make a path, you and I, through the world, where ever we choose to go, make our own adventure, new dicoveries... and have a very long journey together, and instead of worrying about old plans, make new memories.

Would you like to come with me on my adventure, my love?
Will you start a journey with me?
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