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Oct 2013
To the woman my heart will leap for’  my passion is intense. i wonder if you can handle me somedays..
i wonder if my waking up at 3am inspired to pour paint from thoughts on your canvas w/tongue will make your insides melt or feel unease.
i wonder if, being hungry for you constantly will ever be enough to fulfill me..
i wonder, will my hunger feed you or ease you to find someone else easier to please. i wonder if you’ll even let me love unguardedly..
despite your best efforts to conceal wounds the past had made of you. i pray you’re not too proud to show me places you still hurt..
i just wonder what you’ll be like.. that’s all.i don’t care for pretty hearts. give me someone whose been through some **** ‘letter to the girl who had a ****** day dear love, i know smiles tend to fade quicker than summers do but, don’t ever let the sun escape you. your lips, your mouth was made for light to seep through. there’s gold treasured behind the crevices of your teeth. there’s a heaven in your smile love. why conceal what god had written in poetic metaphors. your smile is a light source, guide me. i know rain come heavy some days but even then. floods will never mold a river these are passing moments. find your sun again.. if this is you. here’s my love wrapped in words for you. i care for your well being & for your sake i hope you light up for you. smile . sincerely, love
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