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Feb 26
A play of chance, you and me,
An unexpected tingle in my brain,
Clashed , crashed and burnt,
Like ashes to the ground,
From a volcanic rage.

Wishing death is for the gentle soul,
You ploughed holes through my chest,
So I couldn't breathe or live ,
Happier than the hate you sought.

Faced you like a beast and got clawed,
You chewed up my face, while I fought,
My wounds open up and bleed sometimes ,
I tend to them but am scarred for life.

Lied through the teeth and set the lure,
Reeled me in when it felt secure,
Banished me from my own skin,
Sitting in your own hellish abode.

"Save me" was the lie to begin with,
"Save me" became my truth till the end,
Hanging on the edge here at times,
I startle and scare at your thought.

The last song between me and you,
Echoes all that drama you adored,
Oh boy! How you liked the chaos,
The cacophonous sounds of your being,
Keeping me away,  from my minds harmony.
Blissful Nobody
Written by
Blissful Nobody  38/F/India
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