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Jan 3
She looked at me smug and cute,
I should have pinched her cheeks softly,
She had supernovas in her eyes,
Just like that, she made outer space boring;

She laughs with such glee and grace,
Falling facedown for reasons I don't know,
Perhaps it's one of her most expressive ways,
How she express her joy and peace;

Oh sweetest of heavens, I could finally gaze,
Those countless beautiful strands of her hair,
Electric and elegant, it disarms me so easy,
Her happiness glowing across all of them;

It must be so clear to her,
The reason of my choice of the book,
Every moment with her is magic, even in sadness, There's no place we'd rather be,
Separated by nothing but people and routine;

We'd never stop talking even, if we were parched, We'd look and know what the other has to say, How beautiful and sacred is that, to known and accepted without effort and thoughts;

I could gaze upon her forever or until she makes her adorable suspicious face,
I'll never have enough and I never want to have enough, she is my nurturing moon who guides me through my nights

How I ache to laugh for her again, to absolutely silly and myself just to see her luminescent, my light in her eyes and my soul in hers, I'll remember and remember until I see them again and find out it's better than reminiscence.

I'll wait and so will she,
Hope rings across oceans,
Hope will win because what it lies on is us,
Together, we're invincible and infinite,
'Times will change'  but we won't, we just won't.
Written by
Moonchild  Alaska
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