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Oct 2013
Sensory overload the memory of your skin leaving my fingertips tingling when we'd touch
the same as when my fingers would slide along cardboard in a rush
all pins and needles, as i shake my hands violently attempting to revive the feeling of longevity
your smile was enough, it's own wordless brevity
expressing all it needs in so little motions so few muscles twitching and constricting to put it on display
a thickness in the air, hanging absorbing all the white noise beyond what you mean to convey
it all fades to background, the swaying of trees, the rustling of leaves
even the world beneath my feet fades when you look upon me
eyes set, fixated and true in their stare
gripping, ripping through to my soul bare
I stand still in awe, fingers trembling, tingling all needles and pins
everytime I find myself remembering your skin...
Sean C Johnson
Written by
Sean C Johnson  AK
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