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Oct 2013
I’m afraid you can’t see your own delicate beauty
Because I’ve become as addicted to watching you torture yourself
As you have become obsessed with putting yourself through pain
Your porcelain feet, fragile and small
That danced so freely, so intricately
Now stomp through the shards of a broken existence,
The one you created for yourself
You’ve gone back to your torturer
The man who left you broken
Painted his own self-satisfying portrait
With the deep-red stains from your skin
Shall I let you continue
Your broken waltz with destruction?
He leads you
       You let him
            Caught in-side
        Mind con-trol

Will a fatal cascade be your means of escape?
The fall of a tragic ******
Used to getting her fix,
Your daily dose of pain

When you are mangled and twisted
Bruised with the fresh knowledge of someone else’s cruelty
I’ll cover your wounds
And ease your pain

Help you reset your emotions to be battered again.
Cameron Pfeifer
Written by
Cameron Pfeifer  Nebraska
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