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Sonia T May 2015
Who am I
What am I doing here
Why is the sky blue
Where will we go when we die
When will I get an answer
Sonia T Aug 2013
The world is a giant orange
******* the outside
Pulpy on the inside
But nothing rhymes with orange

This orange world is very sour
But fruits are usually sweet
Sometimes even bitter you see
A strange world this is indeed

But what if the bitterness is coming from within?
Maybe it's the seeds we planted
Or maybe it's the things we said

But how do we peel away the bitterness
To get to the sweet tangy pulp
This is a poem written by a complete stranger and I. Don't really know how it happened.
Sonia T Aug 2013
I just wanted to say hi
Or hug you
Maybe even give you a little kiss
Tell you how ravishing you look
Tell you you mean the world to me
The apple of my eye
Even confess my true feelings
Would you reciprocate
Or maybe even snuggle up with you
While it's pouring outside
Make you a cup of hot cocoa
With those tiny marshmallows on top
Or perhaps go on a trip with you
That would be too much
We could visit the world
From Italy to Paris to Hawaii
Oh well, I just wanted to say hi
Sonia T Aug 2013
Thousands of glass pieces flew in the air
Loud thuds of furniture hitting the floor
A lady and a man shouting
Sally crouched in a corner, covering her ears

This wasn't how it was supposed to be
Was this her "happy family"?
She always heard about her friends and their perfect families

Sally wanted that
She loved her mummy
And she loved her daddy
But her heart was filled with uncertainty,
Of love in the family

She stared at the daisy
That she and Tom picked earlier that afternoon
In the serene park across the road
She wanted to go back
Back to the happy times
When she could forget her troubles
And live with the lie that she had a happy family

She ran out of the room
Dashing for the front door
The park was her refuge
"Sally!" Mummy called out
"Come back!"
It was too late
She couldn't come back
Not after that brown car rammed into her little body
Sonia T Aug 2013
3 years
It's been that long
But you haven't changed
You're still the same

Same as always
Haven't you learnt anything?
I can't believe I was your friend

I trusted you
I thought we were in this together
Glad to see you don't care anymore
Just another one of your empty promises
I was blind

How did I not notice?
Should have known
That you were the same person as before

There's a tinge of sadness I feel
For the people who are still friends with you
Call me mean
But in all honesty, you're no different

I thought we had something
Something special
We were good friends
How did it end so quickly

Should have opened my eyes
To the dangers lying ahead of me
Your trap of empty promises
Sonia T Aug 2013
I stare at myself in the mirror
Bloodshot eyes
I laugh, a familiar lump
Rising in my throat

Always the best time and place to cry
Maybe it's because the water falls to the ground, together with your tears

I step in
The cold water shocks me and I immediately relate
Cold, just like my empty, bare soul

Sometimes in the shower,
You never know if you've stopped crying
As your face is always damp

Slowly the water heats up and
The tears let loose
Ragged breathing, choked by the steam filling the bathroom

Am I loved? Not anymore I think
But there is some warmth left
Only from the hot water running down my back

I know what you're thinking
'What an emotional kid", right?
But you can't hide the truth
That you were once finding comfort from your shower

— The End —