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Sep 2023
and this means two things; time travel is real, but god is not. an angel looks for drugs in the cushions of my couch. i pretend not to notice. i put on the movie about the vampire and the vampire hunter. my loneliness is rabidly soft. when the movie turns me on i take off my underwear. the angel doesn’t notice. the vampire describes violence. the hunter describes dawn. their bodies press together like a top and bottom jaw. when it becomes clear someone is going to die, i turn the tv off. the angel is sad. unsuccessful. i’m sorry, i say. let me look inside, the angel says. i tell the angel i’m empty. god isn’t real. the angel wants to try anyway. i turn the movie back on. the angel sticks their fingers in my mouth. i think god needs to hurry. i think, hurry, god. make the world. save the vampire. save the vampire hunter. put something inside me that belongs. the angel finds my teeth and thinks they’ve won. the movie catches on fire. i’m not sure who died
Written by
Mote  31/F/Michigan
   Riz Mack and kfaye
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