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Aug 23
It's always as hard as draining water out of marble,
a battle against resistance, each drop a struggle.
The weight of the world presses, unyielding,
Like Atlas carrying the cosmos on his shoulders,
Bearing a burden that threatens to shatter every bone.
We're forged in the crucible of adversity,
Tempered by flames that lick at our wounded edges.
The endless path we tread is a jagged road,
Lined with the fragments of shattered dreams,
Every step taken is just another excruciating *****.
The walls we build are fortified with concrete pain,
Constructed brick by brick from the remnants of heartache,
A fortress to protect what remains of our fragile selves.
Our foundations are tectonics, quakes are born beneath us,
We walk holding hands with the next wrecking storm.
It’s never easy, for even when hope softly knocks at our door,
it’s a whisper in a hurricane of doubt, a fragile cry amidst the roar,
an uphill climb on a path strewn with precarious boulders,
a single ray of light in the depth of the night.
It’s never easy for us...
Ignatius Hosiana
Written by
Ignatius Hosiana  30/M/Kampala-Uganda
   Vicki Ann
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