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May 29
10,001 steps beyond exhaustion
the body crumples into a heap
trash or treasure ~ depends on the observer
not everything with value is valued
a crescent moon of hope in the lungs
what will the next breath produce
when still chasing completion
in cycles unending
another step? perhaps for show?
the will is waning
the destination reached
time and time again
new goal- another step
remove the oxygen this time
breath only expectations
hinge on the exhale of results

Here we go!     <step>
into yesterday's half effort
competing for the highest version of happiness
WhaT iS HaPPiNesS
   a buffering rainbow spiraling amidst rainclouds
the feet trudge through mud
tracking desire along an otherwise peaceful path
why can't the mind   and   body
just be still
10,002 steps beyond exhaustion
sit, and be whole
the treasure has always been here
What's the path to happiness/ success?

β€œWhat is happiness? It's a moment before you need more happiness.”
- Don Draper (Mad Men)
Taru M
Written by
Taru M  31/M/New Orleans
(31/M/New Orleans)   
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