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Taru M Jan 2018
Life has a funny way of mocking the non-believers
like reviving a heart just to kamikaze it back into submission

You were like my first sunset
a beautiful portrait of cascading hope
you were the colors that made dying days into dreams
a foreign land full of possibilities
I could close my eyes and wake half a world away with you

                   but life is funny
Taru M Jul 2017
I cut my wrists and all that bled out was ink and insecurities
so I bound the gaping holes shut
stitched a smile back on my face
and kept the words in
each vein a gorging river of prose
a couple sonnets I suppose
but there's no rhyme scheme to my madness
my head is scattered with verses
unconnected stanzas that hold weight
like scripture
and they all want confirmation
that's why they bustle and jolt
and demand their way out

the rage against is too much to hold inside

so I grip pen and pad
and scribble like mad
there's deliverance in their escape
no matter how it comes
I will bleed out on this page
and it will be the sweetest salvation masochism has ever known
Taru M Jun 2017
Does she know she's walking to the beat? drums jazzing it up
fountain sprinkling in her wake
     a protest crashes her photo shoot
     and demands the air
while across the crowd a harmonica chimes in
snare still aflare
     a child scampers into frame
     with a skateboarder at her heels

All of this in one Square
   a hub of art and creativity
a class of geniuses graduated here
as stoners sparked in one corner
and Fischers baited checkmate in another
there is love on the lawn
and graffiti on the concrete
the benches are littered with conversation and reflection

As night gives way to serenity
I wish that this park never closed
that the guitar chords sang through dusk
and the fountain danced into dawn Washington Square Park: you have my heart
If you ever visit NYC this place is worth a visit. Best place for people watching.
Taru M Jun 2017
he stood at the precipice of the most beautiful sunset
breathed in the colors
                            ... and exhaled loneliness
inhaled THC
              ... and coughed out a single sigh

he had seen it before

but from a different angle altogether
over the hills of her body
the colors seemed more vivid
his senses more alive
against the soundtrack of her heartbeat
the cascade was more than just a view
it was a glimpse
                              of what life could be
what's a view without someone to share it with
Taru M Feb 2017
They say if you want to keep a secret hide it in a book, so I'm writing these words between solemn pages with the hope that they die quietly, as I am
I saw something I wasn't supposed to today
It was tucked into the margins
All of me says it wasn't supposed to happen, but it did
And I saw it and heard it and even felt it
I didn't do anything though, just kept writing ...
Taru M Feb 2017
I want to part your lips and slip you a secret
Taru M Feb 2017
have you ever looked into the eye of a storm ,, embraced the calm as turbulence engulfs everything around ,, this is how we are taught to live
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