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Apr 2023
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!
Aho, ohooh, umhhh!
Let's Me introduce myself!
My name is The Senior;
AkA The World old citizen!

Let me, carry-on
People of our forefathers world,
and our Mighty God of this world;
I'm here to say I'm confused!
A lot has been done and said!
We are trying to fight inequality;
But we are still having lunatic
and barbaric people in this world of 2's meaning two thousands!
I hope by 0ne nine nine (1999)
We will all realise this?
Schools are there!
Churches are there!
For what!
For published knowledge about our world!
Let me take my glasses-off!
But that man and that man
Are letting us down!
Busy slaughtering one another!
They want money, to be feared,
Fallacy respect, high positions!
My brothers and sisters?
You see me!
I understood since day one that we are all equally and the same!
Male or female!
Yes, female or male
I do not care!
But money judge us by abilities;
Meaning young ones, disabled,  our grandmothers and grandfathers are undermined!
By who?
By Money government!
So, good people I'm confused!
Are we still fighting inequality
In the presence of these model tools our forefathers and our brothers had developed or we are using it to destroy our future!
I'm confused and now, you see now in this era of 2's I call it
Confusion II.
My brothers and sisters to me, good humanity is fighting inequality in our world;
Regardless, in our own man made and nature deferences.
Let us all Say No to confusion II

Written By: The Senior
Date: unknown
-The Fallacy
Masterchain Tsabedze
Written by
Masterchain Tsabedze  28/M/Swaziland Mbabane
(28/M/Swaziland Mbabane)   
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