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Sep 2013
i dont exactly have
anything to complain
about today.

the sun is shining
the music is nice,
my cat is fluffy,

today is ******* fantastic

im studying in my room,
im watching my nephew,
im drinking some tea,
and scrolling through

im messaging my friend(s)
im eating some pancakes
painted my nails earlier,
today is awesome.

ive started to think a
lot about myself lately
because all i do is
think about others and
its not fair to me at all.

when i go to homecoming
this week i will
smile and kiss my date and
be happy because hey,
im alive.

i wont show the pain
im feeling when i see
the man i love and
ill dance all night cause
i look ******* hot and
nobody can tell me i dont.

i wont let him get into my
thoughts and i wont let that
fabulous tuxedo he'll be wearing
distract me from the good things
in life.

like his smile or his
eyes or his 5 o'clock shadow or
his hands or his
height or the way
he bites his lip and
looks down or
how he says my

no. i wont allow him
to get to me,
i have a dance to
well, he doesnt have a full beard but i keep forgetting what its called when a guy doesnt shave for a day or two and it starts growing back and it looks ******* hot. oh ****, my feels right now.
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